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terça-feira, maio 31, 2005

Hurrying up

Before I go to Spain, Ill show a quick Idea of how were my days in Paris and my last day in Netherlands. It's not really clear where it goes from one to another, but it doesn't matter that much. Last weekend I went to meet the Froigneux and Merssemen extended families in the North of France, but I'll leave those pictures to Alice.

Eh!!! Yves et Marie Sont L�, t nous sommes allez � un restaurant indien! Posted by Hello

This time I promiss you it's the town Hall. Jan Hansen was right in AmsterdamPosted by Hello

Le Grand Arche de la D�fense. L'Arc du Triomphe pourrait tranquilement passer par dessous, mais �a donnerait du travail... Posted by Hello

The Netherlands aren't called the low lands out of chance, this monument built in memory of the worst flood of our days show the level to which the waters can rise if something goes wrong with the Dikes. Scary... Posted by Hello

segunda-feira, maio 30, 2005

Mudança de Planos/Change of Plans

Bem, só uma nota rápida pra dizer que eu estou indo pro sul da França e depois dou um pulinho em Barcelona, talvez umas fotos de Paris brotem no blog da minha irmã.

Just a short note to say I´m heading to the south of France and, later, Barcelona. Some pix from Paris might apear on my sister's blog (links on the right).

Té mais, C You, Kussies

quarta-feira, maio 25, 2005

The black sheep! It�s not only an idiom after all, who would have guessed? Posted by Hello

The last windmill I saw. Posted by Hello

beeeheeee Posted by Hello

Just a beautifull picture and Bob�s your uncle. Posted by Hello

Bridge in Middleburgh turning around to allow the boats through. Very gentle bridge indeed. Posted by Hello

segunda-feira, maio 23, 2005


Here I am, finally connected on a french computer with a french keyboard trying to add a few words to the last image overload. I should say I am disapointed with the lack of comments by my dear distant friends and the excess of comments by annonimous danish strangers.
The last week has been wonderful, both the camping and as guests ;)
I could have posted the last Dutch pictures but I'm a bit lazy for that right now. The ones who care can take a look at Alices blog to check the latest pix in Paris.
Bom galera, esse teclado francês ja enche o saco pra escrever em uma lingua, ja que so a minha mae le e so dois ou tres amigos que falam ingles lêem, eu vou continuar postando em inglês.

segunda-feira, maio 16, 2005

Friday. Mission: Den Haag and Scheveningen. Den Haag, or The Hague, is the political centre of the Netherlands. The government and all the embassies are here, and so is the royal family. From the tram we saw all the major sites  Posted by Hello

We had a very pleasant surprise when we walked towards the university where I studied. Students from the Industrial Product Design degree, IPO, were celebrating their third lustrum (15 years anniversary). They celebrated this by some designing contests. Since Dutch people like cycling, it's not very surprising to see that they chose this product as a theme for their designs. Would you ride it? Posted by Hello

No, it's not a Nerd Battle revival. This is a catapult and trebuchet competition. They throw water balloons to a pretty impressive distance. It would be very nice to find such events more often in Brazil. Posted by Hello

The Atrium of the Haagse Hogeschool, where I spent four lovely years of studying. This central hall was always good for taking pictures, that has never changed. On the left you can see the piece of art that I love, it's called 'Man on Tree' and it was placed there to add some natural flavour to a place that is very modern. Great to be back after graduation :-) Posted by Hello

There was a sand sculpture contest going on, the theme for the sculptures was the Queen. This one shows the last four generations of Dutch Queens on a Dutch version of the Mount Rushmore.  Posted by Hello

A sand sculpture portraiting the paparazzi around the Queen. Posted by Hello

A beautiful sunset to celebrate the day. I wanted to play with it on picasa, but Jannie didn't let me alter the true image. Posted by Hello

Our mission today: Amsterdam. We are visiting the Capital of the kingdom, even though the royal family lives in Den Haag. On the way back we saw a little snail crawling in Jannie's backyard. Posted by Hello

The first thing that impressed me in Amsterdam is the sky that seems to be scratched with chalk. I don't know if it's because Amsterdam has more air routes above it than most cities or if it were the weather factors that made the tracks last longer. Posted by Hello

The first time we dared asking a local Amsterdammer to take a picture of us. And since we still have my camera, we can say we were lucky. Posted by Hello

A monument in memory of the World War II victims, more classical than the one in Rotterdam. Posted by Hello

Amsterdam's city hall. The political centre of The Netherlands is in Den Haag, but the capital of the country is Amsterdam, got it? Me neither (mauro writing, Jannie finds it perfectly natural). Posted by Hello

It may not look like it, but I swear this is a shopping mall! Its name is Magna Plaza. Posted by Hello

Mauro enjoying a pannekoek met kaas en spek, jammie (= very tasty).  Posted by Hello

This was the first time I saw a Mini Cooper, an original one. I was already fascinated with the modern version you find all over Montréal. Posted by Hello

One of the canals that run through Amsterdam. The view of Amsterdam from the airplane when I was flying here was the most impressive view I ever had from a plane (ok, one might say the same about Rio, but I'm used to it...).  Posted by Hello