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sexta-feira, agosto 19, 2005

Pictures of Home

After a long while without posting anything, because I didn't have anything worth saying, I come back with a few pictures of Rio for the curiosity of international readers (if I may use the plural here). I still don't have anything interesting to say, but the pictures are pretty good.

This one is easy : The Corcovado with "Cristo Redentor" (Christ the Redeemer) on the top. The monument faces east and the hill divides the north and south areas of the city. The tunnel through it is called Rebou�as (Andr� Rebou�as was an engineer) and is one of the longest urban tunnels in the world, I believe. Posted by Picasa

This is the view from my balcony. The lake is called "Rodrigo de Freitas" and is in fact a Lagoon (because of the salt water). The hill or the hills in the centre is called "Dois Irmaos", meaning "two brothers". No, this is not the most beautiful landscape in Rio. Posted by Picasa

quinta-feira, agosto 04, 2005

Rock and Roll Photography

I don't see myself as a great photographer, but I put much more into it than just capturing objects. I think pictures should show the moment, the mood and the light when it was shot. Those are the pictures from the concert of the hard rock band 'Lovehunter'. They play 'Whitesnake' songs exclusively and I was not the only one among the musicians' friends taking pictures, so I could give myself the oportunity of practicing with my camera how to take good pictures without using the flash. Wether I succeeded or not, it's up to the viewers.
Since I see the flash as a kind of trick, people might say I'm cheating even more when I do tuning and effects on my computer. That's not that much true, since the sensibility of the camera's sensors to light is different from our own, I try to make the picture impress me the same way the original image did. Ok, I am cheating. More pictures from Rio will follow.

Without the flash the true colours appear. The hard thing about it is learning to manage the balance between exposure and shuttle speed. This was at the highest speed possible, therefore at very high exposure, which makes all the light sources way too shiny, but since I don�t have a tripod (and wouldn�t care to carry it around if I did), that's the best way to stop it from bluring.  Posted by Picasa

That�s the bar from the outside, with flash. Very neat, but too gray. Posted by Picasa

Thelma and Emilio, but where the heck are they? What's behind them? Another reason why flash disapoints me: it makes me blink too. Posted by Picasa

Thelma, Emilio and the bar Posted by Picasa

Since filling the picture with light will not make it that much better and I�m focusing more on colour than clarity, I decided to change the colour temperature. "Who knows where the cold wind blows/ I ask my friends but nobody knows" Posted by Picasa

Now I'm trying to make the band more visible. Thanks to the goddess of computer image treatment I can artificially stress the darker spots, making the musicians more recognizable. Consequently all the imperfections of a picture taken in a dark room become more visible as well (if you look close, you can see the grains). "Bad Boys!" Posted by Picasa

Here lies the true art of photography. I agree, it sucks, but now I�m portraiting a unique moment in an unique ambiense. All the colours and the consequent mood are there. Sincerely, in which concert would you rather be? This or the one below? "Guilty of love, guilty of love / I am guilty" Posted by Picasa

"A hard loving woman like you just makes a hard loving man". Now I shoot the band with my flash. Clear subjects, clear background. Just a few traces of the coloured artificial lights are visible. Posted by Picasa

A nice picture of Eric, Olavo and Damasio. I mean, that�s the nicest I could possibly do with those subjects. No trace of the particular light in the ambience at the time, just the plain image of your main subject. All the rest is obscured. Posted by Picasa