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terça-feira, abril 08, 2014

MacLaren XLR não é travel system

Aviso a quem pensa em comprar um MacLaren XLR: Desde 2012, devido a recalls decorrentes de falhas no uso com bebe-conforto de outras marcas, o modelo XLR não suporta mais o uso de bebe conforto!

As of 2012, our Techno XLR Buggy which was previously compatible with the Recaro car seat was redesigned to adapt to the Techno XLR Carrycot, enabling parents to safely transport their infants in the lay-flat position which is recommended for optimal infant spinal development. For this reason, all Techno XLR Buggies manufactured after 2012 will only be compatible with the Carrycot, and not with any car seats. Hope that helps! Please let us know if we can answer any other questions for you. Many thanks!
Pre-2012 versions of the Techno XLR had a number of complaints about Graco car seats falling off the stroller, even when properly attached. There was no recall for this issue. The 2012 version of the stroller is no longer car seat-compatible.

Sim, eu parei de escrever por anos e agora estou falando de carrinhos de bebê.


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